Monday, 7 June 2010

Athough.... know what?

Things are never going to be perfect.

Sometimes I feel like everything in my life has to be neat, ordered, in its box. And I get anxious because it's just not like that (when is it ever?!!)

The truth is, I am quite a scatty, disorganised person. I'm impusive, happy-go-lucky, and I like living life to the full.

So.....sure there is stuff that needs to be improved. Stuff I can do right now which will make me feel good & less anxious. Especially stuff to do with money.

But all I can do is that, really. Still live life to the full....just maybe with more a degree of caution? More....sensible. I need to drink less, think of my health. I need to eat more may effect my future health. I'm nearly 31! I guess we've all got to grow up sometime.....

So! Here it begins.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Keep plugging away hun! I can relate to the neat little box feeling. I always want things to be just so, too.